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Introducing the Shattered Stars Monthly Subscription

Unveil the beauty of the cosmos with our exclusive, limited-edition packs! Each month, subscribers are treated to a new set of 13 breathtaking and unique card arts inspired by the wonders of Elestria. Dive into a world of ever-changing Elestrals, Runes, and Spirits, as the contents of your Shattered Stars pack rotate monthly.

Est. Delivery April 2024

The Frost Pack

13 total cards, 7 in each pack.

  • 6 Commons (always the same)
  • 1 Holo (varies)

Est. Delivery May 2024

The Water Pack

13 total cards, 7 in each pack.

  • 6 Commons (always the same)
  • 1 Holo (varies)

Est. Delivery June 2024

The Earth Pack

13 total cards, 7 in each pack.

  • 6 Commons (always the same)
  • 1 Holo (varies)

Est. Delivery July 2024

The Fire Pack

13 total cards, 7 in each pack.

  • 6 Commons (always the same)
  • 1 Holo (varies)

Stay subscribed for the first 6 months to complete this beautiful art with your Full Art Spirits!


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Get in-app rewards added to your TCG account like access to exclusive cards from the monthly Shattered Stars pack contents.

Product Description

Shattered Stars

Unwrap the thrill of uncertainty and the comfort of familiarity with this limited edition card pack. Inside, you'll find 7 intriguing cards, including 6 guaranteed, non-holo commons, providing you with a strong foundation for your collection. The excitement deepens as you reveal 1 of 7 potential holo cards, with 5 of them offering equal odds, and 2 others that are incredibly rare, serialized to just 99 and 10 prints respectively.

Will you uncover the elusive limited editions, or embrace the beauty of consistency? Shattered Stars leaves the choice in your hands, making every opening a delightful surprise!

Subscribe today and experience the magic of the stars like never before.

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